Booking Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing to stay at one of Southern Coast Escapes (SCE) managed properties in beautiful Denmark, Western Australia.

Bookings for short-term holiday accommodation are accepted by Southern Coast Escapes ABN 24 903 087 412, as “the Booking Agent” on behalf of the Owner of the Property and to which the following terms and conditions shall apply:

* For guests who have booked through Airbnb, Stayz/Vrbo these Terms and Conditions are applicable except where noted otherwise with an asterix*

Rental Agreement

The rental agreement for booked accommodation becomes effective on receipt of the deposit by the Guest. The rental agreement is between the Owner of the Property for which the accommodation booking is made and the Guest and is subject to the booking terms and conditions herein. The Guest acknowledges that the Booking Agent acts only as a booking agent for the Owner and not as a principal. Southern Coast Escapes is authorised by the owner of the property to let the property to you, the guest during the agreed period advised in the guest’s confirmation.

Payment & Damage Deposit

To confirm your booking a partial payment in the amount of $500 AUD is due upon booking. Remaining payment is due no later than thirty (30) days prior to arrival.
If the booking is made after or within seven (7) days of when the second payment would be due, then this payment will be combined and due together with the first payment.

A separate refundable damage deposit is required in the amount of either $350 or $500 AUD (dependant on which property you have booked). The damage deposit is payable 30 days prior to arrival. It will be automatically refunded 7 days after check-out, provided no charges apply. This includes costs or expenses, damages or other losses arising from the booking, including extra cleaning if required.

If the full payment has not been received by the Booking Agent within this time, the Booking Agent and the Owner reserve the right to cancel the booking without notice and the Guest will forfeit the Guest’s deposit which will be non-refundable in such circumstances.
* Guests who have booked via Airbnb: respective booking platform payment guidelines apply.

Changes to Holiday Bookings

Where bookings have been confirmed with a deposit and a request for change has been made in writing, the Booking Agent will, if possible, accept these changes and charge a $55 administration fee.


If the cancellation occurs 30 days or more from the scheduled arrival date, a full refund of the amount paid less a $55 administration fee plus the credit/debit card fees will apply.

If the cancellation occurs less than 30 days from the scheduled arrival date, the amount paid is non-refundable and will be forfeited unless the property can be re-let for the entire period, in which case a cancellation fee of $55 will apply.

Comprehensive Travel insurance with a reputable insurance company to cater for any unforeseen circumstances beyond the Guest’s reasonable control for e.g. accident, ill health etc, is recommended by the Booking Agent. Guests will be responsible for full payment of rental costs whether Guests occupy the Property or not.

* Guests who have booked via Airbnb & Stayz/Vrbo: Respective booking platform cancellation policies apply in lieu of above.

Other Fees

A 5.0% booking fee applies to all bookings made direct through Southern Coast Escapes. Payments can be made via credit card/debit card (Mastercard, Visa cards).  Bank transfers, cheques and cash are not accepted.  There is Stripe fee of 3.20%  payable for credit card payments.

* Guests who have booked via Airbnb & Stayz/Vrbo: The above two fees are not applicable as these respective platforms charge their own fees, generally around 16%.

Lost keys incur a fee of $33, payable by the guests. If guests have locked themselves out of the property, an additional callout fee of $44 office hours & $66 outside of office hours, is payable by guests.

Rubbish & Recycling bins not placed on verge for collection days will incur a fee of $55 payable by the guest.

Respecting Neighbours

Ensuring your stay is as enjoyable as possible is paramount to SCE. In saying that, respecting our neighbours’ rights are also very important to us. Please always be aware of the impact your activities and noise levels have on others in your Property’s neighbourhood. Noise and music levels should not impact any neighbours and are to be respectful at all times. There is a 9pm cut off time from Sunday through to Thursday and 10pm cut off time for Friday and Saturday for excessive noise, music or anti-social behaviour. Noise complaints will result in bond loss and possible eviction.

Respecting the Property

The Guest will be responsible for the booked Property and shall take all reasonable care of the Property and at the end of the stay shall leave the Property including all utensils, fixtures, fittings and equipment on, in or about the Property in a clean and tidy condition.
The Guest is also responsible for the security of the Property. The Guest is to ensure that the Property’s windows and doors are securely locked at any time of departure during the length of stay plus also on final departure. The Guest is liable for any extra cleaning, breakages and or damage caused to the Property or any part thereof or any of the chattels therein, that may occur during the Guest’s stay at the Property including damage created by the property not being secured. Any such costs over and above the amount taken as a Guest Security Bond may be sought by the Owner through the Local Court. Any damage or breakage to any part of the Property should be reported to the Manager at Southern Coast Escapes as soon as practicable after the damage occurring.

Personal Belongings

All personal belongings including baggage, vehicles and any other property of the Guest shall be at the risk of the Guest at all times and neither the Booking Agent nor the Owner accepts any responsibility for any loss or damage. If advised, we are more than happy to return any item left behind via post upon prepayment of postage and packaging and a handling fee of $15.

Guest Numbers

Properties are licensed to accommodate only the number stated in the Property description. Guest numbers are under no circumstances to be greater than that appearing on the Guest’s booking confirmation. If the number of people occupying the Property is greater than the number of people on the booking confirmation or if extra beds or bedrooms are used, the Booking Agent and Owner reserve the right to refuse occupation and/or result in the security bond being charged for extra amenities used or forfeited in full at the agent’s full discretion. Tents, Caravans & Campervans are prohibited on the property & may result in eviction & loss of security bond.


In the true nature and standard of all holiday homes in Australia and in an attempt to keep tariffs low for all future guests, we only supply a starter pack of necessity items. Please ensure that you check the amenities list for availability of appliances and pack (or prepare to purchase) required consumable items for the length of your stay.

Functions and Parties

Denmark Shire Holiday Homes Policy allows holiday homes to be rented for short term accommodation purposes only and not as a function venue i.e. for a wedding or party. Functions and gatherings are not permitted and, if evidenced, may be closed down immediately and result in the security bond forfeited in full.

Cleaning and Departure

Guests must fully vacate the property strictly before the check-out time on check-out date advised in correspondence. Cleaners arrive at that specified check-out time to commence cleaning for next booking.

All rubbish and recycling (where applicable) must be removed from the property and placed in the appropriate bins. At properties where verge collections are applicable, bins must be placed on the verge for collection on appropriate days (if missed the guest will need to pay the rubbish removal fee). Please refer to your pre-arrival email & bin day sign on the fridge.

Please follow the Check-out Check-list found on the property fridge. Dishes must be washed, dried & put away prior to departure. The property must be left in a clean and tidy condition. We reserve the right to charge you a special cleaning fee to cover the reasonable cost of additional cleaning of the premises that is required as a result of your occupancy which is at full discretion of Southern Coast Escapes.

BBQ if used, will incur a fee of $50 if not left clean and free from debris and presentable for next guests.

Wood Fires (where applicable) must not be lit on morning of departure as they need to be re- set for next guests.

Furniture and furnishings must be left as found upon arrival.

Keys must be returned to the locked box & code scrambled. Guests are fully responsible for the property’s security.

Right to Revoke or Refuse Bookings

The Booking Agent and the Owner reserve the right to revoke or refuse to honour any booking for accommodation, which may in the opinion of either party, and at their sole discretion, be unsuitable for the Property concerned.


The Guest acknowledges that the Booking Agent has described the Property to the Guest to the best of its ability within the extent of communications between the Guest and the Booking Agent. The Booking Agent shall not be liable in any respect should the Guest consider the Property to be unsuitable for any reason whatsoever.

Property Description

At the time of publication, all information regarding the Property within the Southern Coast Escapes’ website is deemed true and correct to their best knowledge, however any details are subject to change by the Booking Agent and Owner without notice. No responsibility or liability beyond the Booking Agents reasonable control will be accepted by the Booking Agent for any alterations to the Property or any part thereof including damage caused by extreme weather conditions, wiring, plumbing, pest invasion, appliance break down, WiFi unavailability, or any act or omission on the part of the Owner causing loss, accident or injury to any Guest and or visitor.

Property Availability

The contract negotiated by the Booking Agent between the Guest and the Owner for short- term accommodation is made on the understanding that the Property and its facilities as stated in the booking confirmation will be available as stated to the Guest. Should any events whatsoever arise beyond the reasonable control of the Booking Agent which render the Property uninhabitable (for example fire, flood, storm etc.) or the property becomes for sale or is sold by the Owner, then the Booking Agent may have to cancel the Guest’s booking for the Property. Should such circumstances arise then the Booking Agent will endeavour to relocate the Guest to a holiday home of similar standard to the property within Denmark. Where this is not possible, the Booking Agent will refund all payments paid by the Guest in respect of the Property. Upon refund of the payments paid, the Guest shall have no further claims.


Smoking is strictly not permitted inside any property. An excess fee will incur if this condition is not adhered to.

Pet Policy

Pets are only permitted at pet-friendly properties only with the prior consent of Southern Coast Escapes Management. Please note that confirming your booking is automatic acceptance of the Pet Policy and payment of the Pet Surcharge (outlined below).

To ensure our ongoing commitment to offer these properties as a pet-friendly we ask that you please strictly adhere to the following:

There is a Pet Surcharge of $80 per stay.
No cats or puppies. 2 dogs maximum.
*Only fully house-trained dogs are allowed inside the property.
•Pets are to be of a quiet nature, and it is the owner’s responsibility to keep noise to a minimum at all times.
•Constant barking and/or howling is not acceptable.
•The Guest is responsible for any damage caused by pets whether inside or outside the property.
•Pets are not permitted onto beds or on the furniture at any time.
•Guests agree not to leave pets unsupervised inside the home at any time.
•Guests agree to bring their own pet bedding, food bowls etc.

•Guests must dispose of pet faeces in a clean and sanitary manner (as you would at home) •Guests should ensure arrangements for pets at a property, including these terms, are suitable for their pet prior to booking.

•If extra cleaning is required or faeces left on lawn, this extra cleaning time will be deducted from the Security Bond.

The cost of any damage, in or outside the accommodation caused by your pet, will be your responsibility. There will be a deduction from the Security Bond if extra cleaning or maintenance is necessary.